San Cristobal Boat Works is ramping up to build start building St. Lawrence Skiffs again in light weight carbon and aramid fiber.  

Some 15 years ago composites pioneer Andrew Green was convinced by a sailing friend to try rowing in these historical designs. 

The results were that some molds were built off  Andy's one off carbon 72 pound boat and a run of boats was produced.

While Andy still rows his boat every day,  and others are enjoying their fiberglass and Kevlar boats,  production ceased and  the molds  were  set aside.

The St. Lawrence skiff is the perfect platform for fitness, family fun, adventure,  fishing,  waterfowl hunting and perhaps even a little down river racing.  It is easily rowed by one,  but will carry three. 


It evolved over many years to easily handle the kind of weather that can pop up on the St.  Lawrence River between  the US and Canadian shores.  So a little weather on your local lake or bay won't put a stop to your day on the water.

We have acquired the molds and are working to get production going again in Kemah, Texas.

Our ultimate skiff will be a ultra lightweight (target 72 lbs or less) super strong and stiff cored carbon/kevlar fiber boat built using ultra clean vacuum resin infusion.   A series of development boats will be built as we work though the techniques required for infusion.  These development boats will be available for purchase or will go into our rental fleet.